Project Info-Seeker

An Automated Information Managing System.

  • Role Lead Developer
  • Context Personal Project.
  • Period 2019

The Project

Info-Seeker is an automated information managing system which is specially designed for Sett & Lucas. This software wraps the standard financial data automatically from the top financial sources. Not only this, the software manages itself to perform various analytical operations with the data scrapped. This software is easy to use compared to others of its own kind it also opens a window for the analysts & others to easily access the software.

Project Overview

JavaFX Desktop Application

Built to decrease the work of employment through its automated process.

Info Seeker takes all the stress, strain, mistakes and time out of extracting the financial data into handwritten or spreadsheets by any employee. Once the software is set up, any employee can control every aspect of generating or extracting the financial data from the listed sources. The user may not perform any analytics, the software itself does every predefined analytical operation by itself.

The software keeps the user updated with the current market’s news and other financial, business-oriented news excerpts, which is considered to be the most interactive feature of the software application. The software not only saves the time of the employees, also helps in updating their knowledge. Another one of the benefits of Info Seeker is that the user can interact with the developer if they have any issues or queries or suggestions or complaints regarding the working of the software.

Info-Seeker UI example

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